Your FRESH Thanksgiving Turkey Is Here!

Reserve Your Fresh Thanksgiving Turkey! Our turkeys are free-range, pasture raised as well, spending their days gobbling, pecking for bugs and enjoying a dust bath.

Reserve Your Fresh Thanksgiving Turkey Today!

Why Purchase Your Thanksgiving Turkey From Hurd Farm?

Our turkeys are raised in a humane environment, given constant access to green pasture and fed a quality feed from our local feed store.

You know what you are eating and where it came from
and you are supporting the local economy and keeping money in the community.


It tastes a MILLION times better. Fresh, not frozen and never pumped with preservatives, saline or other questionable ingredients. 

Turkey From Hurd Farm LLC

Reserve Yours Today!

All it takes is a $20 deposit to make sure you have an amazing turkey for Thanksgiving 


How do I choose what size turkey I need? 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an exact size, but we have always been able to accommodate. Sizes are chosen on the day of the pick up on a first come first serve basis, we expect them to be between 12 and 25 lbs.
The price per LB is 6.25
When and where is the turkey pick up?

The pick up will be Sunday the 21 10am-4pm, at the farm

Will my turkey stay fresh until Thanksgiving?
Yes, the turkeys are safe to keep in your fridge until Thanksgiving


What Our Customers Say!


Simply the most flavorful and tender turkey we have ever had! Support our local farms!!!

  • Happy Customer From Hurd Farm
    Jamie Colen

Second year in a row we've gotten our turkey from Hurd Farm. This year we took it all the way to WV for Thanksgiving dinner there. Excellent, excellent bird. So tasty! Thanks Hurd Farm!!

  • Happy Customer From Hurd Farm
    Mark Hank

I buy my Turkey 🦃 ever year there for Thankgiving! Always look forward to seeing this beautiful farm. The owners are genuinely nice! I give this farmer A 10 great guy.
Thank you until next year!

  • Happy Customer From Hurd Farm
    Paula Meidanis

Reserve Your Fresh Thanksgiving Turkey Today!