Family Owned and Operated Since 1923


At Hurd Farm we take great pride in our agricultural heritage and are passionate about raising the best, locally grown meats available!

  • No Antibiotics or Growth Stimulants

    Our animals are fed on an all natural diet

  • Hurd Farm LLC
    100% Grass-Fed Beef

    Our Cows have access to fresh, green pastures everyday during grazing season.

  • Free-Range Farm Eggs

    Red Sex Link chickens provide us with fresh, free-range eggs.

" Naturally raised meat, the healthier choice for you and your family. "

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    Naturally Fed Pork

    They are fed a variety of fruits and vegetables. Our hog feeds contain minerals, probiotics and added Vitamin E

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    Family Owned Since 1923

    We are passionate about raising the best, locally grown meats available.

  • CSA Membership

    CSA Shares are now available to our local community.

Why Choose Hurd Farm

We take great pride in our agricultural heritage and are passionate about raising the best, locally grown meats available.

Farmers Market

Come find us at a local farmers market near you.

Support Local Farms

Help support your community and buy local.

Three Generations

Take great pride in our agricultural heritage.

Farm to Table

We provide you with healthy, delicious foods.

What Our Customers Say

Don't just take our word for it! Check out some of these amazing reviews!

  • Hurd Farm LLC

    Amanda Daly

Grass-fed, pasture-raised, sustainable, antibiotic-free, local & ethical beef, pork, and poultry. It doesn't get better than this! Very high-quality meat from a farm owned by the same family for 4 generations and located on a conservation easement so the land they farm will be preserved indefinitely.

  • Hurd Farm LLC

    Danielle Golio

Tried Hurd Farm for the first time last weekend at the Farmers Market in Salem NH. Hands down the best chicken breast we have ever had (tender). The ground beef is delicious too and although it’s free range, it doesn’t have that gamey taste other free range beef has

  • Hurd Farm LLC

    Katie Soltis

My husband and I purchased a turkey and eggs last night. Last night we brined the turkey and this afternoon cooked it. We have bought fresh turkeys many times but this one was by far the best! It was the most tender, rich in flavor, and overall perfect. Thank You!

  • Hurd Farm LLC

    Jamie Colen

Simply the most flavorful and tender turkey we have ever had! Support our local farms!!!


Questions & Answers

Our most Frequently asked questions and answers we receive at Hurd Farm.

  • Why are we not certified organic?

    Aside from there being a lot of paperwork and regulations, we believe it’s more important to know your farmer, know how he raised his animals and where they come from, rather than a label that says they’re organic.

  • Is your beef completely grass fed or is it finished on grain?

    All of our cows eat grass the whole time they are with us, though some farmers believe on feeding grain before they are brought to the butcher for marbling and added fat, we do not feed them any grain.

  • Do you sell halves, wholes and quarters of beef and pork?

    Yes, the best way to find out when something like that would be available to order is to contact us by phone or email. Visit our Contact Us page to send us a direct email!